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Date d'inscription : 2011-07-04
Age : 31
Localisation : France / Nord

PostSubject: DaylixX   Mon 11 Jul - 19:05

My name is Cyril, I live in France in a small village called Méteren (North 59).

I started to play AssultCube late 2008, at the beginning of version 1.0.2 of AssaultCube,
since then, he keeps playing it and its mods.
I was been in many AssaultCube Clans, such as AlienWare, Cubers Society, Unarmed Strike Back,
Owning Noobs Everywhere and Bastard Cubers From Hel.
Now I returned to =AW= I joined in July 2011.

I mapped a few maps that you've probably already played, Their names are:
ac_greenpeace by DaylixX and Brett : "Submitted for the Mapping Contest 2011 (Finished in 3rd place)"
ac_origin by DaylixX
ac_terros by DaylixX and Sanzo"

And if you want to contact me, I'm about Teamspeak 3 of w00p (loki.woop.us: 9987) or the IRC #aw-clan.
Good game and see you soon. Very Happy

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