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Messages : 40
Date d'inscription : 2011-07-09
Age : 25
Localisation : I miss my adresse :/ sorry

PostSubject: X-15   Fri 15 Jul - 18:28

Hello everybody!

I'm X-15,I play AC since 3 years...
I like my computer (^^),Judo and motorcycle it's my hobies.
I started AssaultCube in 2008 and my fist clan has was |M*R|.This clan has closed for any reason...So after this I'm enter in |FFA| clan...I was useless^^' and again after I'm coming on .cS"|* clan! this clan has been deleted for inactivity...And now I'm =AW=!^^

Favourite weapon : Sniper
Favourite map (s) : ac_desert3 | ac_shine | ac_depot | ac_elevation
Favourite mod : CTF | TSURV | DM

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