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 =AW= vs FD* [1:2]

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PostSubject: =AW= vs FD* [1:2]   Thu 19 Jan - 20:09

Score : 1 - 2 (forfeit from us (eat time for jako Razz))

Enemy Website : http://www.fd.tc/

Describe the game : We started playing on FD server, as you can see in the first screenshot (ac_werk CTF) we were lagging, but please compare pings with the hlin server (ac_depot and ac_elevation). They said something like this "this is not a modified server, we just deleted the anticheat" (btw why did we lag so?).

They pick ac_werk in CTF (to train for the aG tournament i think) and we pwned them hard (10-1) but they were losing so they all took the AR noob and they came up to 10 - 9...
Then we pick ac_depot CTF, 2-3 AR rushs and some errors from us (and some lucky respawn from them) made us losing, that's really annoying.
Jako had to leave during the tie break (to eat), that's sad cause we were wining in 2 vs 3 before... (jako get banned from TS during the match start...).

Then, GG we can win them. Razz

Screenshots :




Guest was trolled by me! :p
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PostSubject: Re: =AW= vs FD* [1:2]   Fri 20 Jan - 19:17

Sorry guys

Jako74 , Spammeur Forever !!! <3
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=AW= vs FD* [1:2]
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